Brighton College A Level Geographers on Isle of Wight

Mar 20

31 A level Geography students from Brighton College carried out a Fieldwork Skills and Techniques course on the Isle of Wight over the past few days, to prepare for their Independent Investigations.

Physical investigative techniques included beach particle sampling strategies¬†and statistical analysis,¬†surveying, assessing soil texture and infiltration rates. Human investigative techniques included land use mapping, house dating, urban and landscape assessments, sampling traffic and pedestrians, and recording regeneration projects in a coastal resort with high levels of deprivation. A mix of quantitative and qualitative data was recorded, including a stakeholder interview with the mayor of one of the Island’s coastal resorts.

Data collected in groups in the urban areas was entered directly onto a geolocated GIS layer on mini iPads offline which was uploaded on return to the Centre for presentation and analysis.

Some students’ comments:

“Liked the mix of high and low-tech equipment”

“Useful to know that you can interview stakeholders”

“Liked the simplicity of techniques that are transferrable”

“Enjoyable, varied and fun”

Some comments from the staff from the Geography Department:

“Extremely well-structured and thought through field course, at fantastic fieldwork locations”

“Nicely paced, great mix of techniques and field methods”

“Excellent grounding for independent projects”

“Thank you for an excellent trip”

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