Godalming College Geography Fieldwork on the Isle of Wight

Apr 12


140 A Level students from the Godalming College Geography Department carried out fieldwork on the Isle of Wight over a 10 day period, led by the Field Studies team at the Medina Valley Centre. The students came in three groups of 45 – 49, each group staying at the Centre for two nights and receiving two days of tuition.

Students worked in small groups to obtain huge primary data sets for Human and Physical Geography themes, recorded in ArcGIS layers and available to each student as they undertake individual focus for Independent Investigations. An extensive resource area is now available to these students to help them follow the enquiry route, including guidance on the use of statistical analysis and links to a wide range of secondary data sources,using the ESRI Storymap format.

Some comments from the accompanying staff:

“Excellent professional and knowledgeable staff – well-planned and resourced sessions, great local knowledge. Thank you for making such an interesting and enjoyable trip”

“The field course is excellent…..amazing GIS”

and some of the students’ comments:

“Thought the field course was well-organised and structured – we got a lot done in a little time. Overall impressed, especially with ArcGIS”

“The teaching was intense, however, informative and useful”

“The field course was interesting and the teaching was excellent”



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