New geology map of the Isle of Wight

Detailed mapping by geologists on foot in the late nineteenth century resulted in the publication of the first geological map of the Isle of Wight in 1888 (The first detailed description of the results of this survey work was published in A Short Account of the Geology of the Isle of Wight by White in 1921). Small revisions have been made to this first survey by the British Geological Survey (BGS) to produce the current 1:50000 geology map.

An aerial survey of the whole island was carried out  by the BGS at
1:10000 scale, using a Twin Otter aircraft in 2009. A new 1:50000 scale geological map
was scheduled for publication in 2011 . This mapping includes more detailed lithological
subdivision of the Chalk and Palaeogene sequences, and uses the updated Chalk stratigraphy (White Chalk and Grey Chalk), and includes the more extensive faulting that has been discovered across the Island.

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