Casual & Intro Sailing Sessions

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Medina Valley Centre is happy to introduce our new Intro and casual sailing sessions. These sessions are our first steps onto providing more affordable and accessible options for individuals to experience sailing.

Intro Sailing Sessions

This one day sailing course is ideal for children and adults alike and will often be run alongside our RYA stage one/Level 1 course.

Aim: To give individuals a safe and enjoyable introduction into Sailing.

Course Summary: Participants will be introduced to all the aspects that are taught on the Stage 1 course (E.g. Boat control, Wind direction, Launching and recovering boats) albeit on a simplified form to allow the maximum amount of time possible enjoying themselves on the water.

Advancement: Participants will have the option of booking and joining in on a second day to the course whereby they may earn their RYA Stage 1/ Level 1 award. Please note: those wishing to complete their stage 1 must do so by booking onto a second day within 7 days of their original intro session (Subject to availability)

Price: £70 Per person per day (group discounts may be offered)

Casual Sailing Session

This “session” is designed to allow individuals with some sailing experience to practice their sailing skills in “Park and Play” style session. Please Note: All participants are required to proove their experience by presenting a RYA Level 2(adult) or Stage 3 (Youth) Award.

Aim: To allow individuals to practice and refresh skills previously learned or just to enjoy the thrill of sailing.

Course Summary: Participants will be given a safety briefing by a member of staff before introduced to their boat and will be given for the duration of their session. The individual will then sail for their alotted time within the sailing area.

Advancement: As an open session we welcome people of all ages and ability (Above the required minimum). Those wishing to advance should book onto one of our RYA sailing courses.

Important Notice: This session is not and instructed session and as such all staff in safety boats are not their to teach/Instruct you as they are required to monitor the constant safety of all those under their care and will not intervene directly unless there is a fault with equipment or a individual/party needs rescueing.

Also it is the responsibility of the individual to ensure that they are able to sail at the minimum level required. Staff reserve the right to remove individuals from the session who they deem being “Unsafe”.

Price: £35 for 1 1/2 hours Or £55 for a half day




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