St Paul’s Girls’ A Level Geography field trip

Mar 9

The St Paul’s Girls’ School, London, brought their Year 12 Geographers to the Medina Valley Centre for a Fieldwork Skills and Techniques course to prepare the students for their Independent Investigation. They carried out many transferable techniques, using a range of fieldwork equipment in Human and Physical investigations, in a variety of breathtaking locations across the Isle of Wight. The students were able to practice Ordnance Survey Mapwork and GIS skills, and sharpen their stakeholder interview technique.

Some of the feedback from the students:

“The field course was very interesting. It was good to have a mixture of both human and physical lessons. Apps were useful in making lessons interactive”

“The field course covered a wide range of activities and places; learnt lots of data collection techniques”

” The food was very good. They put a lot of effort to accommodate special dietary requirements”

“Very kind and generous hosts. Felt that they were very understanding and willing to help”

And from the teachers:

“The field course was excellent; great adaption to the new  A Level”

” When writing their Top Tips for the Independent Investigation it was clear that the students had learnt a lot”

“Friendly, generous and caring hosts”

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