About Us

The Medina Valley Centre for Outdoor and Environmental Education is an independent, non-profit making organisation, with charitable status (England and Wales, Registered No. 236153) and Company No. 809637

Our Sailing History

The origins of the Centre date back to 1963 when this beautiful site on the banks of the Medina Estuary was identified as a great place to set up a sailing school, by a group of Christians from a variety of church backgrounds.

The Centre’s beginnings were an act of faith by it’s founder Donald Hester, who in October of 1962 ‘gave up his job’ and ‘sold his home at Hemel Hempstead’ to put everything he had into setting up the Christian Sailing Centre as it was then known.

Read more here about the Centre’s beginnings.

Since these early beginnings the Sailing School has developed and now offers RYA accredited sailing courses for beginners and those at all stages right up to instructor level. All courses are led by a highly acclaimed team of instructors, with water activities now including kayaking and open canoeing.

Please see our watersports pages for more information on what we offer today.

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Christian Ethos

The Centre maintains a Christian ethos; and the quality of the care for the individual is appreciated by those who profess no faith, or come from other faith backgrounds. A brief ‘thought for the day’ before breakfast stimulates reflection and contributes to a calm start to the day!

A resident host offers a unique service to visiting groups; providing a welcome, practical advise and assistance, pastoral support and a point of contact for each individual throughout their time at the Centre. This service comes free to visiting groups as their position is funded by the Dodnor Fellowship, a group of supporters of the Centre.

To see more on the role of the host couple follow this link.

History of Field Studies

In 1977 a programme of field studies was introduced. By the early 1980’s a range of courses were available to secondary students of Geography and Science as well as programmes for primary age groups. Today, the Field Studies department is made up of a team of experienced teachers who have built up a reputation for professionalism and excellence, attracting school groups from across the UK and Europe.

Following the link you can see more information on our Field Studies tutors and other staff.