The Host

Medina Valley Centre, uniquely, has a host to support groups and individuals during their stay at the Centre.

The host lives on site at Medina Valley Centre; greeting guests when they arrive and ensuring they feel welcome and looked after during their visit. Their main aim is to make sure that guests have a great time, enjoy everything that is on offer and take as much from the experience as they can. They start the day with a thought to introduce or encourage thinking about aspects of the Christian faith and provide an opportunity for guests to talk about their beliefs or ask about those of the host.

General daily tasks include overseeing meal times, by making sure people have all they need and organising the distribution of food, as well as making sure there is always plenty of tea and coffee available! Keeping the lounge fire stoked during winter days and manning the shop in case anyone has forgotten a toothbrush, wants to send a postcard or fancies a snack, are also day to day jobs for the host.

When groups are visiting, the host gives a brief introduction to the history of the Centre and runs through the Centre’s facilities and what it has to offer. They also loan out equipment when wet weather is forecast, and usher lost pupils in the right direction!

Getting to know pupils and teachers alike during downtime in the evening or during the day, is a key role for the host.  This includes running a variety of activities such as team challenges and campfire for the juniors as well as the odd chance to dress up as Victorians or put on fancy clothes for a cocktail evening; if they are working towards the John Muir Award the hosts even get a chance to introduce them to this distinguished gentleman. After evening activities, the junior groups are prepared for bedtime when the host may read a story and pass round hot chocolate, which rounds off the day and prepares them for sleep…so their staff hope!

With the seniors, the evening offers an opportunity to challenge them to a game of pool, table tennis or table football, as well as chatting about their day. Introducing them to the giant Jenga, Werewolves game or Chalenj! proves very popular and is a great chance for some friendly competition! These more relaxed times of day give the host a great opportunity to chat to individuals and listen to anything they want to talk about.

Nicky is the current host at Medina Valley Centre (MVC): “Getting to know the individuals and groups who visit is a great part of the hosting role (along with the plentiful, absolutely delicious food!) – I’m blessed that my job includes playing games (Werewolf is a favourite), chatting and making hot chocolate! It’s such a privilege to be able to share parts of my Christian faith with those who come to the Centre and I’m looking forward to getting stuck in even more to all things MVC!”

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