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Butterfly and weather report

18th January 2011

Both the butterfly and weather report for 2010 are now available. Click here to view our reports.

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AS Geography students experience fieldwork in the snow

9th December 2010

Students from Greenford High School, NW London, came well equipped to carry out their fieldwork programme in cold weather, but were amazed to wake up last Wednesday morning to a 10cm covering of snow! The group made the most of this rare event on the Island and weren't deterred from carrying out the fieldwork programme for […]

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Convent of Jesus and Mary College enjoy a week of A level biology

3rd December 2010

A selection of comments from the students: 'I thoroughly enjoyed my week and I found it very useful for my biology course, the best bit was catching the crabs!' 'It was great fun and I learnt a lot and now I have a greater understanding of ecology.' 'It was a great experience as we put […]

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