Medina Valley Bird Report 2014

22nd January 2015

The Medina Valley Bird Report is now published and can be viewed on the Medina Valley Centre's web site click here. The photo shows the Medina Valley Centre foreshore, with Mute swans preening, and Dark-bellied brent geese and Coot on the adjacent Medina estuary. In total, 117 species were recorded in the Valley, plus three escapees, […]

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Bird Report 2013 & Butterfly Report 2013 for Medina Valley – now online

4th February 2014

The Butterfly Report 2013 for the Medina Valley Centre grounds is now available on the MVC website. The photograph shows a Brown Argus recorded in August. The exceptionally dry and sunny summer on the Isle of Wight partly helped to explain the increase in species recorded, from 17 to 22, compared to 2012. The number […]

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Wasp Spider during saltmarsh survey

11th September 2013

This magnificent female Wasp Spider Argiope bruennichi was encountered by our field study tutors (see photo), as they carried out a survey in an area of saltmarsh on the Newtown National Nature Reserve. The spider traps grasshoppers and bush crickets passing through the saltmarsh vegetation, and spins a cocoon of threads round its prey to […]

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National Moth Night at MVC

13th August 2013

24 species of moth came to the Medina Valley Centre's Mercury-vapour light during the first of three nights of the National Moth survey, including this beautiful Garden Tiger Arctia caja (see photo). Other species included Sallow kitten, Jersey Tiger, Silver-Y, Common Rustic and Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing.

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Medina Valley Bird Report for 2012

29th January 2013

The 2012 Bird Report for the Medina Valley has been compiled and is now available for viewing on the Medina Valley Centre's website. 111 species of bird have been recorded in 2012, comapared to 109 in 2011. Species which were seen in 2012, but not seen in 2011 include Barn owl, Domestic goose, Great crested […]

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