Secondary Schools

A level Geography Independent Investigations on the Isle of Wight

21st November 2017

Students from Collingwood College Geography department devised some great titles for their Independent Investigations, covering a range of human an physical Geographical topics at two fieldwork locations across the Island. On the final day of the field trip the students carried out a case study of ‘a small scale drainage basin’ across a variety of […]

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Yateley School Year 12 Geographers at the Medina Valley Centre

7th July 2017

The Year 12 Geography students from Yateley School, north Hampshire, left the Centre with a great sense of achievement. The students had prepared an initial title for their independent investigation on the Isle of Wight, and once they had seen the field sites and recorded their impressions of the place, they felt confident enough to […]

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Godalming College Geography Fieldwork on the Isle of Wight

12th April 2017

  140 A Level students from the Godalming College Geography Department carried out fieldwork on the Isle of Wight over a 10 day period, led by the Field Studies team at the Medina Valley Centre. The students came in three groups of 45 – 49, each group staying at the Centre for two nights and receiving […]

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Brighton College A Level Geographers on Isle of Wight

20th March 2017

31 A level Geography students from Brighton College carried out a Fieldwork Skills and Techniques course on the Isle of Wight over the past few days, to prepare for their Independent Investigations. Physical investigative techniques included beach particle sampling strategies and statistical analysis, surveying, assessing soil texture and infiltration rates. Human investigative techniques included land use mapping, […]

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St Paul’s Girls’ A Level Geography field trip

9th March 2017

The St Paul’s Girls’ School, London, brought their Year 12 Geographers to the Medina Valley Centre for a Fieldwork Skills and Techniques course to prepare the students for their Independent Investigation. They carried out many transferable techniques, using a range of fieldwork equipment in Human and Physical investigations, in a variety of breathtaking locations across […]

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