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Kit List For Field Work:


  • Waterproof clothing: a waterproof jacket is essential at all times of the year. Waterproof overtrousers are also recommended, particularly for those doing watersports or those studying coasts/ponds/rivers.
  • At least 2 layers of warm clothing (sweatshirt, fleece or jumper)
  • Trousers for walking (tracksuit bottoms or walking trousers, not denims)
  • Wellington boots essential for visits to seashore, estuary, marshland and streams: ie for all Biology courses and for some Junior and Geography courses – do check programme
  • Outdoor walking shoes/boots/trainers that are robust and can get dirty!
  • Indoor shoes/slippers with a hard sole for putting on in main building after/before day’s fieldwork
  • 2 pairs thick socks (trainer socks are not adequate)


  • Refillable plastic water bottle (this is essential for all students)
  • Stationary: Pens, pencils, coloured pencils, ruler, rubber
  • Day sac or small rucksack
  • Box or bag for packed lunch
  • Large plastic bag to cover clipboard in wet weather
  • Notebook


  • Each individual should also bring their own personal wash kit including a towel, as towels are not provided
  • Hat, gloves and scarf*
  • Thermos flask*
  • Sun hat and sunglasses*
  • Sunscreen (Factor 25 or above)*

Kit List For Watersports:

  • Swimwear
  • Sunglasses*
  • Old gloves*
  • Old trainers or soft shoes which can get wet or muddy
  • Woolly hat*

(* Weather dependent)