Family Groups

Looking for something fun to do as a family? Love the outdoors? Fancy a bit of a challenge? (And maybe some friendly competition!) Come to us for half a day, or a whole day and choose from a variety of activities, including bushcraft, canoeing, kayaking, archery and sailing!

Youth Groups

We love young people at our Centre  – and we’d love to host your youth group! We can provide flexible meeting spaces, delicious food, fantastically fun activities and space for reflection to enjoy our stunning surroundings.

Whether a residential stay or a day visit, we’ve got you covered. Smaller youth groups (of up to 26 people) would be right at home in our brand-new, warm and welcoming lodge, whilst larger youth groups would be equally well looked-after in our main centre rooms.

Faith Groups

Looking for a great place to bring your church family? Offering both residential stays and away days, we can flexibly cater for groups of up to 80. This includes our utterly delicious food, freshly prepared by our chefs.

The beautiful surroundings of the Medina Estuary provide endless opportunities for quiet reflection, whilst the variety of different spaces around the site lend themselves perfectly to group discussion, fun activities and being family together.

Special Interest Groups  

Are you part of a special interest group on the Island? Would you like to learn more about your chosen interest in a picturesque part of the Estuary? Or maybe you’d like to come and see how many birds and other wildlife you can spot! Please give us a call to discuss what we can offer.

Meeting Rooms

Depending on your requirements, we have a number of different meeting rooms available at competitive rates and always with top-notch hospitality. Suitable for groups of up to 80, and available as catered, refreshment or self-catered options, we can accommodate a wide variety of requirements.

For information on our meeting rooms, please see our ‘The Centre’ page, here.

Celebration Meals

For information on the special meals offered by the centre throughout the year, please see our ‘The Centre’ page, here.


Ideally located along the River Medina, we offer a range of both water-based and land-based activities, to suit all ages, abilities and adventurous natures! Our water-based activities include:                                                                          

  • Raft Building: Construct a river-worthy craft and try her out on the waters of the Medina Estuary. Will you stay afloat or experience that sinking feeling?
  • Canoeing: Take in the beautiful views of the Medina Valley from the water and adventure away!
  • Canoe Safari: Improve your skills and learn new ones as you work together to journey on the Estuary. How many different river birds can you spot?
  • Kayaking: Experience the freedom of being on the water and develop your paddling skills with our skilled instructors.
  • Sailing: Take to the water in a boat and harness the power of the wind to propel you across the river. Wait for the adrenaline surge as you lean out over the water to balance the boat!
  • Powerboating: Learn how to operate a powerboat, hone your skills and watch the water ripple away as you explore the River Medina.

Our land-based activities include:

  • Team Challenges: Use a variety of skills and strategies to accomplish the team challenge goals – fun and laughter guaranteed!
  • Rifle Shooting: Learn how to safely operate a rifle and the techniques that will help you to hit the target . Practice and perseverance are key in this activity.
  • Archery: Fancy being the next Robin Hood/Katniss Everdeen/Legolas Greenleaf/Dan Thompson/Alyssia Tromans Ansell? Pick up your bow, learn how to safely fire it and rack up those bullseyes!
  • Nightline: Take on our blindfolded obstacle course and prove to yourself just what you can do when one of your senses is impeded. A fun challenge, this activity might just change the way that you see the world.
  • Orienteering: Use your navigation skills to locate and collect our hidden symbols – can you find them all?
  • Mountain Biking: Whether an experienced rider, a novice rider, a confident rider, a nervous rider or anything in between, our brilliant instructors will lead you over different terrains and making progress.
  • Bushcraft: Experiment with shelter design before the rains come, discover the secrets of fire-building and even cook on your own fire – a must for any budding Bear Grylls!

All activities are subject to weather conditions and are at the discretion of Medina Valley Centre.

Please give us a call on: 01983 522195 or email: for more details about what we can offer. We’d love to hear from you!