Laboratory Facilities

Medina Valley Centre has 3 fully equipped laboratories and specialised equipment. Laboratories and equipment can be hired out for visiting researchers and groups.

We also have strong partnership with Bournemouth University, Centre for Conservation Ecology and Environmental Change, which is led by Dr Roger Herbert, one our previous tutors here at the Centre. We also have strong links with the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton.

Staff have good local expertise and have built-up long-term datasets and an extensive library, over the last 30 years.



Amongst our usual field equipment of buckets, trays, bottles, nets, quadrats and point frames, cores, longworth traps, beating trays, a theodolite and callipers; we also have a selection of RIBs and dorys and a diesel launch suitable for some estuarine survey work, along with secchi discs and plankton nets. We have a selection of high power stereo microscopes and dissecting microscopes, along with a camera which can be connected to a screen.

Laboratory work

Microscopy at the Medina Valley Centre.