A level Geography Independent Investigations on the Isle of Wight

Nov 21

Students from Collingwood College Geography department devised some great titles for their Independent Investigations, covering a range of human an physical Geographical topics at two fieldwork locations across the Island. On the final day of the field trip the students carried out a case study of ‘a small scale drainage basin’ across a variety of land uses on permeable and impermeable rocks, using fieldwork techniques to record soil texture and infiltration rates.

Feedback from the students:

“A good balance of physical and human Geography which helped when deciding what to do for our NEA”

“The field course was very good; it was great to physically go out to sites and experience case studies and to return and consolidate”

Feedback from the teachers:

“An excellent course; well-prepared student booklets, great use and access to technology, and excellent guidance and advice”

“An excellent quality course, well-planned and all our requests considered. A fabulous booklet and high quality teaching”





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