Primary: Why Us?

With over 50 years experience operating as a residential centre, we are superbly equipped to offer groups an experience of a lifetime! Coming to the Medina Valley Centre you will experience the astounding beauty of the Isle of Wight and be welcomed by our passionate team who go above and beyond to tailor your experience to best suit you and your group.

We are unique as a Centre, as we not only offer a variety of multi-activities with experienced and enthusiastic instructors, but we also have a team of highly regarded Field Studies tutors who are known for their academic rigor as well as making learning fun!

Our activity team has a passion for personal development. Our aim is that groups have an opportunity to grow both as individuals and as a team whilst having an absolutely fantastic time! We seek to provide a fun opportunity in which individuals are challenged, inspired and can learn more about themselves as well as others. We embed developmental and life skills model, such as Kolbs Learning Cycle. We hope that children will then take these processes away with them and be able to use them in all aspects of their lives.
The Field Studies Tutors, who, when not teaching GSCE and A Level Geography and Biology are on hand to collaborate, and provide added educational value not only by teaching the instructional team more about the flora and fauna around us, but also by leading Field Study focused activities too.

At the Medina Valley Centre we believe that community values and experiences are vital! Our staff spend time getting to know all the groups who come to the Centre. We regularly hear in feedback that the Centre “has a wonderful family atmosphere” and we strive to ensure that groups leave the Island having had a valuable educational experience, but also with enhanced self-confidence through being valued and cared for by the whole team.

Why else should you choose MVC?

  • Our location at the heart of the beautiful Isle of Wight
  • Our site alongside the fascinating Medina Estuary
  • Our caring and experienced staff team
  • Our friendly and welcoming resident host
  • Our track record on safety and professionalism
  • Our fully equipped classrooms
  • Our delicious home cooking
  • Our passion for ‘living life in all its fullness’

We have over 30 years experience of being involved in environmental and outdoor education. We also have an RYA recognised sailing school, and offer kayaking and canoeing sessions. Many of the schools that have ‘discovered’ the Medina Valley Centre return year after year, assured of a memorable experience.


  • Risk Assessments are available online for the most common activities that we run
  • Field tutors and instructors are First Aid Trained and carry a first aid kit with them at all times
  • All external doors have key code access and are alarmed overnight


  • Field Study Tutors are fully qualified teachers, carry out local research and contribute to consultancy works
  • All staff are CRB/DBS checked
  • Host lives on site and is available for pastoral support, running evening activities and general problem-solving
  • Sailing instructors are RYA trained


  • Classrooms fully equipped with relevant textbooks and fieldwork equipment
  • A fleet of fifty boats – including dinghies, canoes and kayaks


  • The Centre is located on a scenic site on the River Medina
  • Close to Newport, the capital and centre of the Island
  • Easy access to all field sites on the Island
  • Woodlands, ponds and fields within the close vicinity of the Centre grounds
  • Centre grounds are managed to increase biodiversity and provide a range of important ecological habitats

Environmental Ethos

  • The Centre strives to be environmentally responsible in all aspects of operation, keeping our environmental footprint to a minimum.

What are benefits of a Medina Valley Centre residential course?

  • Full board and accommodation
  • Access to a full range of specialised field equipment not usually available to schools
  • Access to well equipped teaching rooms and laboratories
  • Access to paper and ICT resources
  • Access to long-term secondary data sets, built up over many years
  • Expert tuition by fully trained staff
  • 24 hour support when onsite, due to our host
  • Access to risk assessments
  • Access to resources that have been developed by Centre staff that are particularly relevant to the field sites
  • Discounted places for visiting staff
  • E-mail support before and after the course (on request)