Long-Term Monitoring

The Medina Valley Centre has established long-term datasets in a number of subject areas. This data can be made available to visiting students and is used to supplement our own research projects.

We also have extensive information available in our resources section.

Birds – We collate the bird records for the Medina Valley and carry out the monthly Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS) for the Medina Estuary

Butterflies – during the summer months we record the butterflies seen in our grounds on a weekly basis and send our results to Butterfly Conservation

Galls, Miners, Rusts and Fungi – a local expert provides the Centre with new records for the Medina Valley and the Centre grounds

Medina Estuary – we collect abiotic data from the estuary on a weekly basis to monitor changes

Ponds – we have a pond in our grounds and 2 within walking distance that we monitor on a regular basis

Weather & Climate – we have an extensive database from data that we collect daily using our Stevenson Screen and Automatic Weather Station

Bembridge Marine Life – due to staff’s interests in marine biology we have valuable data from Bembridge rocky shore