Primary School Activities

The Medina Valley Centre, offers a broad and creative curriculum for EYFS, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two

The habitats of the Centre’s grounds; adjacent countryside and fieldwork localities across the Island, provide a rich and stimulating learning environment. The programmes we offer teach pupils a wide range of scientific and geographical skills which can be interwoven with; literacy, numeracy, art, design technology, ICT, PSHE, history and music topics. These can be specifically tailored to your school to really enrich and stimulate your pupils and we anticipate would leave a lasting learning experience. Programmes can either be residential or be part of a day visit to the Centre.


“ Young people are intensely curious and should be given the opportunity to explore the world around them.”

DFES 2006

 “We are convinced that out-of-classroom education enriches the curriculum and can improve educational attainment.”

House of Commons Education and Skills Committee Report, ‘Education Outside the Classroom’ January 2005

Daytime Activities

A range of activities that are for both residential and non-residential school groups visiting the Centre. Some activities are around the Centre grounds and others explore different areas of the Island. More Details

Evening Activities

For residential groups, activities for the evening session are run by our host couple. More Details

John Muir Award

An award scheme in which primary school groups are encouraged to participate and integrate work at school with their outdoor learning experiences. More Details

Transition and Team Building Days

We also promote ‘Transition’ days and residential stays to support children moving between year groups, Key Stages or Schools. This popular programme focuses largely around social skills; building confidence, developing team work and giving pupils a real sense of achievement in all that they accomplish. We also cater for Gifted and Talented pupils as well as running sessions for other vulnerable groups. Programmes can be tailored to the needs of your group and can incorporate orienteering, water activities, visits to Island sites and habitat study.

Inspiring, Supporting and Extending Young Minds

We also run a number of activity days and residential experiences for Gifted and Talented children, vulnerable groups, lower achievers and those moving towards transition between Year group, Primary and Secondary School. Programmes can be tailored to challenge and extend through critical thinking tasks, as well as nurture and encourage through team challenges, building independence and social skills, whilst drawing teams together.

Creative Uses of ICT

Children are also able to use ICT to enrich learning outside the classroom further. Mini iPads are used in navigation and to collect data. This information can then be uploaded onto a website which can be accessed and utilised in project work back at school.

We enable children to use light, temperature, pH sensors and high magnification microscopes to collect data for project work.

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School trips with an overnight stay can be life changing experiences for young people.  We are campaigning for Brilliant Residentials to enable more young people to experience more high-quality residentials, which can lead to improved resilience, relationships, achievement and brighter, brilliant futures for young people.

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