Secondary Resources


Census 2011 – Agriculture


Interactive Isle of Wight Map


Baseline data – Beach profile Monk’s Bay (Summer)
Baseline data – Beach profile Monk’s Bay (Winter)
Baseline data – Beach profile Ventnor Bay (Summer)
Baseline data – Beach profile Ventnor Bay (Winter)
Monk’s Bay pre 1990
Coastal Retreat at Blackgang
Drawing a Beach Profile (Calculator)
Coastal Management on the Isle of Wight
Cost estimation for Coastal Protection
Coastal Wight Shoreline Management Plan


Isle of Wight Woodland and Management
Mill Copse
Monitoring the Medina Estuary
Parkhurst Forest Management Principles


Island Demographics
Island Birth Rate and Fertility


Drawing a Kite Diagram
Owl Pellet Bone Chart
Ponds in the Medina Valley
Lichen Identification Key
Marine Life at Bembridge
Pond Life – Simpson’s Diversity Index

Economic Geography

Census 2011 – Employment
Island Employment Indices
Island Fuel Poverty
Island Income Indices
Island Indices of Deprivation
Island Indices of Deprivation Rankings

Field Techniques and Skills

Designing a Questionnaire
Sampling Strategies
Interview Indexing and Coding
Environmental Quality Survey
Environmental Quality Survey (weighted)
Structural Damage Survey
Building Age Survey
Housing Quality Survey
Sea Defence Effectiveness Survey
Evaluating Sea Defences
Measuring Wave Processes
Question Matrix
Data Presentation Techniques
Layers of Inference Diagram
Ten Point Radial Graph Template
Clone Town Survey
Methodology Table
Introduction to GIS
Using Vernier Scale Callipers
Student Risk Assessment
Random Number Table
Method design for your NEA – Things to consider
Before you come to MVC – Preparing for your NEA
Secondary Data Sources
Areas of research and investigation in Ventnor
Beach sediment data recording sheet
Beach profile data recording sheet
Coastal Management Conflict Matrix
Pond Life Recording Sheet
Bedload Survey
Evaluating a Landscape View
Dirty Hands Test
Industrial Potential Assessment
Tourist Beach Quality Survey
Soil Analysis Recording Sheet
Soil Texture Triangle
Measuring the Height of a Cliff
Landscape Survey Recording Sheet
River Measurements Recording Sheet
Measuring Mass Movements
River Water Quality Survey
Traffic and Pedestrian Survey

Geology and Lithology

Hanover Point 140 million years ago
Mapping the Geology of the Isle of Wight
Island Geological Cross Section

Mass Movement

Cross section of Ventnor

Regeneration and Changing Places

Baseline data – Regeneration in Ventnor Questionnaire responses
Changes to Ventnor Eastern Esplanade
England’s Seaside Towns – a benchmarking study
Historical Maps of Ventnor
Planning brief for Ventnor Eastern Esplanade
Ventnor Exchange
Ventnor Heritage
Ventnor Town Council – Publications
Townske – Creative Ventnor
Historical and Recent photos of Ventnor
Love Ventnor


River Cross section Calculator
River Depth Recording Sheet
Western Yar
River Caul Bourne – Flooding
Lukeley Brook – Flooding
Eastern Yar Flood Strategy
UK Flood Warning Map
Flood Risk on the Isle of Wight

Salt Marshes

St Helens Duver

Society and Culture

Census 2011 – Communal Establishments
Census 2011 – Education
Island Education Indices
Census 2011 – Health
Island Child Health Profile
Island Health Profile 2017
Island Health Indices
Census 2011 – Housing
Island Housing Indices
Census 2011 – Transport
Island Equality and Diversity
Island Crime Indices
Island Living Environment Indices
Property to Rent on the Island
Property to Buy on the Island
Island Settlements – Map
Ventnor Fringe Festival


Peacocks Tail
Red Squirrels
Dog Whelks
Barn Owls
Common Shore Crab


Choosing a Statistical Test
Statistics in A Level Biology
Mann Whitney U
Mann Whitney U Critical Value Table
Mann Whitney U Calculator
Spearman’s Rank
Spearmans Rank Significance Table
Spearman’s Rank Calculator
Standard Deviation
Standard Deviation Calculator
Standard Error Calculator
Simpsons Diversity Index
Simpsons Diversity Index Calculator
Chi Squared
Chi Squared Probability Table
Chi Squared Calculator
Students T
Students T Probability Table
Location Quotients
Lorenz Curves
Pearson Product Moment
Z Scores
Interquartile Ranges
Ode to Statistics


Historical Development of Ventnor as a Tourist Resort
Visitor UK – Ventnor
Visit Isle of Wight

Weather and Climate

MVC Weather Report 2017