Fieldwork for the AQA specification

The Fieldwork programme is closely linked to Geographical concepts and processes included in the AQA specification.
The programme of fieldwork will include either a Human or Physical Geography topic, and an integrated Human-Physical topic. This will prepare students for the Paper 3 exam.
The Geographical context and location of the fieldwork will provide valuable Case Studies.


Human topics for fieldwork investigation

Unit 3.2.1 Urban Issues and Challenges

Urban regeneration

  • regeneration projects in the Island’s seaside resorts
  • building on brownfield and greenfield sites
  • the need for transport improvements in a seaside resort
  • dereliction, establishing a need for regeneration
Unit 3.2.2 The Changing Economic World

Population Change in a Rural Area

  • rates of change and the reason for change in one of the Island’s growing villages
N.B. In Unit Glacial Landscapes
  • The Impact of Tourism at one of the Isle of Wight’s honeypot sites or Seaside Resorts


Physical topics for fieldwork investigation 

Unit Coastal Landscapes

Coastal processes

  • longshore drift
  • wave types and characteristics
  • erosion and its impact
  • mass movement and cliff retreat 

Integrated Human and Physical Geography fieldwork investigations include:

  • Coastal flooding – the effectiveness of a hard or soft engineering strategies
  • Cliff retreat on an unprotected coastline threatening a strategic coast road
Unit River Landscapes

River processes

  • changes along the cross profile of a river

Integrated Human and Physical Geography fieldwork investigations include:

  • Flood management
  • Water quality
  • Water Pollution management

Specimen programmes and prices


PROGRAMME 1.          3 night programme

PROGRAMME 2.        3 night short programme