Volunteer Instructors

Our fantastic volunteer instructors are those who have instructed with us in the past and who at different times during the year, return in this capacity. They are all RYA qualified as either a Senior Instructor, Dinghy Instructor, or Assistant Instructor.

We run an instructors weekend during the spring, which is a great opportunity for instructors past and present to catch up and get the latest MVC updates.

If you have ever instructed at MVC, make sure you’re connected on our closed Facebook group to stay updated with all of the latest news and events!

Instructors Weekend 2019!

We had a brilliant weekend at the beginning of May with our Summer Sailing Instructors. There was plenty of good food, time to catch up and refresh skills and some great sailing! (And possibly the odd capsize..!)

The Longboat, Picos and Seastars all got an outing and it’s got us ready and raring to go for the Summer Sailing season!

If you’ve instructed with us before and are interested in instructing with us again during our busy Summer Sailing programme, please get in touch! You can call us on: 01983 522195 or email: sailing@medinavalleycentre.org.uk
We’d love to hear from you!